Our Team


Nalini. G

R&D – Lifeskills

Mrs. Nalini G., M.Sc, M.Phil, M.S., is a counselling psychologist for relationship problems, depression, phobias and general mental health improvement. She specializes in stress management techniques like JPMRT, emotional freedom techniques, Matrix reimprinting technique, for adults and she teaches coping strategies for children with specific learning disorders, like ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia along with Life Skill counselling and study techniques for adolescents. She has published multiple books and is the Founder of Nandhavanam Psych Service. Mrs. Nalini is also an ardent social worker with her volunteer work for multiple mental health helplines and outreach programs.

Shakthivarman Thangavelu

R&D – Science and Technology

Shakthivarman Thangavelu has had a very inquisitive childhood with a strong passion for all things Science and Tech, especially Astrophysics and Cosmology; also an aficionado of Quizzing, Science Projects, and other creative hobbies, has conducted Science based Workshops, Symposiums and edited an Online news website on cutting edge Space Technology in the early 2000s; graduated in Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics from College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University. Currently working as a Software Professional while finding time for his passion through weekend projects.

Dr. Rubell Marion Lincy G.

R&D – Mathematics

Dr. Rubell Marion Lincy G has a PhD from the Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology Calicut. Her area of research is AI-based stock market decision making. She has worked as a faculty at NIT Calicut teaching mathematics to the engineering students. She has a passion for educating the younger minds. Her teaching policy is to make the students appreciate math by real-time examples and visualisation. She look towards making math more interesting and fun.

Deepika T

R & D – Art and Design

Deepika has finished her bachelors in Architecture from National Institute of Technology Trichy and moved on to National Institute of Design Ahmedabad to pursue her masters in furniture and spatial design. She has a background of designing spaces and furniture for various concerns; she is also experienced in design education and has been teaching design for school students, design and Architecture institutions. Her area of interests are in Furniture design, Design research and Design education; currently handling the discipline of Industrial design at DOT school of design alongside with her professional practice.

Prithiv Kumar R

R&D – Head

Prithiv has completed his Bachelors in Electrical and electronic engineering; He has a wide range of academics from engineering to media studies with a diploma in Radio programming and Audio engineering. Growing up he has always been curious and interested in mathematics and aptitude skills which made him pursue educating school and college students on their reasoning abilities.

Nancy G

R&D – Art and Design

Architect-Graduated from Thiagarajar college of Architecture, Madurai. Completed Masters in Construction and Engineering Management from Periyar Maniammai University, Thanjavur. Worked in Interior and Landscaping Firm in Coimbatore and Bangalore. Not an expert in teaching, but updating myself to the latest trends, through Designing building Models, their Techniques and Sustainability, Utilization of space, Landscaping and Conservation. Freelancer and constructor of a few Project Residences in Thanjavur. Designed a Church Layout (@Mannaparai). Apart from teaching, worked in Administrative Sectors, as organizor of workshops and competitions, open house and exam coordinator. I've been to a number of Colleges as Design Jury, which enables me to gain adequate knowledge to compete with the upcoming generations' impressive ideas and creativity

Core Team



Mageshwari an undergraduate in architecture from Dr.M.G.R. university. Currently an design educator and Resouce Head at ed-trix focused on developing learning concepts and innovating strategies for young learners at ed-trix. Started her career with Oculus design studio in Bangalore, working in various commercial interior projects. An avid reader she explores various methodologies in education and design. She is a designer committed to her work and invloved in exploring different ideas and bringing them to practice. An avid sketching enthusiast she harmoniously connects digital and manual mediums to bring out the best at all times.

Thasneem Banu


Having received her Bachelor’s Degree from Measi Academy of Architecture, Chennai, Thasneem has had a little over four years of experience working as an Architect at Dustudio, Auroville, a firm thats rooted in crafts and earth in design. Having extensively worked on projects which have used traditional building crafts in the modern context, she has gained an experience and understanding of many traditional technologies, which continues to expand. She is a sociable person and enjoys interacting with local artisans, thus understanding better, the everyday challenges they face. She has a passion for community driven, eco sensitive architecture and is keen to tap further into the plethora of ancient wisdom that encompasses traditional building technologies and building philosophies through her latest startup, Muqami, while collaborating with different practices which work with a similar design ethic. She is currently also working as visiting lecturer at Dot School Of Design and an Assistant Educator at ed-trix. Her interest in Ed- Trix stems from an inclination to organize activities and games at gatherings. This passion now translating to work through ed-trix is the next endeavour she is excited to embark upon.

Keerthana Ramesh

Graphic Designer

Keerthana Ramesh obtained her bachelor’s degree in architecture from C.A.R.E School of Architecture, Trichy. Currently, she is working as a graphic designer at DOT School of Design and Assistant educator at edtrix. She did her internship on Mud Architecture at Auroville. After 8 months of internship, she was inspired to do eco-friendly construction, with minimal intrusion on the land. She is particularly intrigued by the sensitivity of architecture towards nature and people, as well as discovering new aspects that enrich the spatial experience. After graduation she has worked with Ar.Senthilnathan at Poetics, Bangalore on a Red Soil Nature play project. Working with various forms and building techniques, she has had the opportunity to work with transgender association on her thesis which focuses on the low-cost housing for the socio economically underprivileged communities. She considers herself to be in the process of refinement and everyday as an opportunity to identify herself through her creations.

Pavithra Baskaran

Content Writer

Despite coming from an engineering background, Pavithra is drawn to thde creative career fields. She is very experimental and is exploring design, digital art, theatre and other fine and performance art forms. But her primary mode of expression has always been writing. She has written plays and short stories which were performed at Alliance Francaise of Madras. Her stint as a freelance digital marketer during the year of 2019 got her interested in copy writing and she has now become a full time content writer. She believes that learning happens everyday and in unimaginable ways, hoping that she remains a student forever in the school of life.

Thaarini Subramanian


Thaarani Subramanian obtained her architecture degree from SVS School of Architecture. Currently a Freelance Architect finished her internship under the guidance of LifeTime Achiever Ar.Jasbir Sachdev in Delhi worked in the projects Indian Embassy in Pakistan and Poland. She is inspired from his works and deeply concerned about the environment, loves Indian history and finally her thesis based on Ganges pollution at Varanasi and the solution resulted in Green Cremation to participate in NIASA Thesis Competition 2018. She believes that design will arrive only when it faces problems. A deeply spiritual and philosophical person at heart, she strives to strike a balance between her family life and career.


Angela A

Visual Designer

Angela A is pursuing her 4th year B.V.A (Art Specialization) at Stella Maris College, Chennai. Being a versatile person with interest in sports and fine art, she is also passionate about teaching. With a history of art running in the family, Angela has worked in her father’s workshop, who is a Tanjore Painting artist since 1998. With two World Records to her name, she was a part of ‘World’s Largest Wall Painting’ event held at Chennai’s Airport in 2019 and ‘Kalaignar 98 98’, a floor drawing event with 98 students in 98 minutes. She has also won prizes in multiple prestigious Art competitions. She quotes, ”Internship at ed-trix has been a great opportunity for me to express my talents and it has helped me gain knowledge”.

Beulah A

Visual Designer

Beulah A is pursuing her 4th year B.V.A (Design Specialization) in Stella Maris College, Chennai. She has always been drawn to fine arts because of her father, who is a Tanjore Painting artist since 1998, and her Grandfather who was a Doll Maker. With exposure to multiple mediums of art forms, she is passionate about contributing to the art community and the design field. She holds a World Record which is the ‘Largest Wall Painting in the World’ in 2019. She quotes, “Internship at ed-trix has been a great opportunity and a learning platform for me to express and enhance my skills in Graphic Design under the guidance of experienced Graphic Designers”.