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This is an open invitation for schools to join hands with us to bring in the concepts of creative & design thinking into every classroom in India & globally. We offer various programs specially designed for schools to take the idea of ‘Creative Education’ to the next level.

Our programs go hand-in-hand with the National Education Policy of 2020 (NEP 2020). Collaborate with us to make a seamless transition to NEP 2020 & to incorporate cognitive development techniques into your curriculum.

What Programs do we offer?


For Ages -6 to 17 year olds

Set up HACK-LAB in your schools to provide an immersive learning experience for your students by means of various workshops across disciplines such as Art, Design, Science and Technology, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Communication from the experts in those fields. Click here to know more.


For Ages -15 to 18 years

IDEATE is an exclusive career awareness program that helps in discovering one’s potential, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and offers creative solutions to their future. With the NEP 2020 introducing stream selection to 8th standard students, help them make better decisions by organizing career awareness drives offered by IDEATE. Click here to know more.

Design Foundation Course

For Ages -15 to 18 years

Be a part of the Design revolution -

Design being a sunrise sector, is predicted to boom in the coming years. Experts are expecting the next big revolution to be instigated by Design. Help your students understand what design is by introducing them to Design Foundation Course.

  • DFC has helped over 200 students to advance in their creative career journeys.
  • Collaborations with over 5 schools
  • 94% of our students are placed in National Level Institutes
Click here to know more.

Why take up this program?

Transition to NEP 2020 Seamlessly

Partnered labs for various vocational and multi-disciplinary workshops and classes.

Implement learning outside of classrooms

Integrating NEP 2020 into your pedagogy

Holistic and creative career counselling for the next generation of citizens.

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