About ed-trix

What are we?

An EduTech Company that offers a holistic approach to learning, skill development and career guidance using ‘Creative Thinking’ methodologies and metacognition techniques.

Creative thinking alters the neuroscience of the brain to perform better in all aspects of one’s life. It allows us to simultaneously accommodate contradictory modes of thoughts - Rational and Emotional, Divergent & Convergent,etc.

What do we do?

As ardent educators from a design background, we understand the immense role creative thinking plays in innovation & problem-solving. Because of that, we have formed ed-trix to help students & professionals across all age groups by offering programs to improve their cognitive learning process, increase productivity, discover their true potential and help them find their best career.

How are we different?

Creative thinking for all ages Our programs are meticulously designed for each developmental stages which let people discover their aptitude, develop their abilities and improve their overall performance in career and in life.