Hack-Lab is a platform to experiment, explore and learn based on activities and workshops for all ages.
Hack-Lab is a program which offers a wide range of workshops on the topics of Arts, Design, Science & Technology, Math, Social science and communication from experts in those fields. Hack-Lab conducts regular competitions on these topics among students to encourage their co-curricular aptitude. Hack-Lab in association with schools sets up Activity labs for the students to experiment, explore and learn.

Available for:

School students from ages 6 years.

Various workshops

Number of workshops from the fields of Art & Crafts, Design, Science & Technology, Social Science, Language & Communication let the students to explore and understand their field of interests.

Documentation & Analytics

Hack-Lab continuously documents the student’s choices of workshops, their performance, aptitude and improvement on their abilities

Discovering Passion

The continuous analytics provides with appropriate field of interest and helps the student to discover their passion

Developing Abilities

Streamlined exclusive courses are suggested based on their interests and passion to develop their abilities in that field