A place for your kids to explore materials and equipments, learn by doing and get their hands messy. This specialised lab exposes them to various activities and workshops across a range of topics such as Art, Design, Crafts, Science & Technology, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Communication.

Available for:

School students from ages 6 years.

“If Children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond our wildest dreams”. - David Witter

Why Hack-lab?

Numerous workshops

Varied workshops covering concepts of Art & Crafts, Design, Science & Technology, Social Science, Language & Communication.

Developing Skills

With continuous exposure to gamified collaborative and vocational learning, the students develop skills such as communication, team work, diverse and practical knowledge along with the confidence to handle real life situations.

Discovering Passion

Students can experiment with various mediums till they figure out what they are passionate about. And also, we’ll be monitoring what they are gravitating towards, curious about and excelling at, to help them discover their true passion.

Broadened World-View

With hand-on knowledge and collaborative skills, the students increase their world knowledge and start viewing the world differently.