Product Photography Certification Course

When it comes to photography, isn't it always better to have someone teach you than to learn from a video?

Photography is all around us. From increasing followers on instagram to growing small businesses, we need good photos to showcase yourself and your business. In this course we aim to help you understand everything you need to know about handling a camera, Product staging and understanding the business aspect of photography.

The major constituents of Basics of product photography include -

  • Basics of photography
  • Basics of Lighting and colour

Why this Photography Course?

In this course you will not only be learning the techniques of photography and camera handling but also look at the actual product photography workflow and understand how the business of product photography works in the industry from imminent commercial photographers. This guides you to improve your business skills as a photographer.

Photography is one of the skills that we all require to take our life forward. It is a form of expression or a tool to elevate our socio-economic status through showcasing our business. In the post-pandemic world, we see the rise in online presence. This has made so many businesses go online, hence the steep rise in photographers required.

You could be one of those people, who is looking for a photographer for some work, be it your wedding shoot or to take photos for your own business. Guess what, this course is designed for you. There are so many self taught photographers who are struggling to get answers for technical questions and to understand how the business of photography works. This course covers everything from finding clients to tending to your own business by improving your social media marketing.

What You Learn?

Basics of Camera

Basics of Lighting
Hard Light/ Soft Light

Lighting Techniques
Studio setup

Product Staging

Special techniques

Storyline, Concept and styling

Product set designing

Business of Photography

Course Outline

  • Week 1

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    Fundamentals of Light and Colour-
    Hard light, softlight, converting hard light to soft light, Introduction to zone system , Colour Theory

  • Week 2

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    Introduction to Camera-
    Types of Camera - (DSLR, Medium, Format, Large Format Cameras), Sensors and Films, Introduction to Mobile phone cameras.

  • Week 3

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    Basics of Exposure and Lighting-
    Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO | 3 point Lighting and product lighting techniques.

  • Week 4

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    Introduction to Product Staging-
    Professional product photography workflow from Industry expert.

  • Week 5

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    Business of Photography-
    Industry experts talk about budgeting, client relations and proposal making for projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The certification courses offered by ed-trix are live online classes that help you improve your skills and act as the starting point for a career, project completion or just to get better on the particular topic. With activities, discussions and assignments, learn by doing at every stage of the course with the best mentorship from experts in the field.
This is a weekend course, where the classes take place every Saturday & Sunday between 10.00 am to 12.00 pm for a duration of three months. But the student will be assigned tasks to be completed during the week.
For this course, even though it's better to have any DSLR, it is NOT mandatory. This Product Photography course teaches you to make the best use of the equipment available to you for good output. Along with camera handling techniques, framing, lighting and business development strategies using photography are also taught in this course which require minimal equipment and are concepts that need to be understood completely for good photographs no matter what equipment you use.
No, this is an online live classroom program where the students can directly interact with the mentors and collaborate with the other students.
The program is in collaboration with a pioneering design college in chennai, DOT School of Design. With mentors and faculty from NID, NIT, FTI Alumni, get the best training possible from the best minds in the industry.