CODES - Comprehensive design education for school

CODES (Comprehensive Design Education for School) is a robust creative art & design program for assisting the students of the new school curriculum. CODES is a co-curricular program comprising structured design thinking courses for students from different class levels.

The course concentrates on exploration of the student’s creative thinking and ability.

The ten levels are equally divided to concentrate on the 3 broad areas of creative thinking such as Art, Craft & Design.

Student’s ability on sketching, painting, Materials exploration and study, Model Making, Art history will be improved.

CODES also is an educational platform for students of age 6 to 17 years to learn explore and find a career path in any design field.

For students of higher secondary, CODES helps in cracking the creative entrance exams like NID, UCEED, NATA, NIFT, JEE II, IICD, etc.

A parallel creative study to help the students in a design career and to develop design thinking.


6 Years to17 Years


Design is everywhere around us. Everything that we use, enjoy, and experience is an outcome of the design. Design is an instinct that allows us to react to a problem, think and find a solution for that problem innovatively.

Design is a collective instinct of many other relative parameters that we experience on a daily basis and the process that happens cognitively. It needs to be practiced and developed in a right way to become design thinking.


Creative / Design thinking encompasses processes such as independent thinking, context analysis, problem finding and framing, ideation and solution generating, creative thinking, sketching and drawing, modelling and prototyping, testing and evaluating, which is very much needed in our everyday life no matter which field or lifestyle we belong to.

Design thinking as it’s nurtured and developed could make us into a good designer in career and in life. Design thinking could be narrowed down to a particular field of your interest, where you could know more and grow in that particular field as your career.