What is Ideate?

Take career counselling, add creative careers, subtract mainstream careers (sometimes), add wholesome guidance and holistic world-view with an eye for the changing world from experts across the globe or across India. Finally sprinkle on some wishing powder for a design drive world, we get IDEATE.

Available for:

Students from high school to higher secondary school. Also available for college students.


15 Years & Above

The world is on the brink of the Fourth Industrial revolution and change is the only constant. Can the same approach to career and career guidance still help you or your child?

The IDEATE Process


“There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential.”
- Charles Schulz

Discover your child’s potential and passion with our creative testing methodologies. From psychometric tests to engaging testing modules, we assess their aptitudes on multiple topics to get the complete picture of their psyche.


"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."
- Albert Einstein

In a world filled with opportunities, which opportunity best fits your child? We help you identify that by connecting you with our plethora of experts from all fields of work. One on one or group discussions to get all your doubts answered.


"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."
- Confucius

Most career guidance programs end here whereas IDEATE’s guidance process becomes more comprehensive. From entrance exam guidance, preparatory strategies, etc, this one-stop guidance continues till you get into the University of your choice.


  • Comprehensive assessment of a student’s learning processes and areas of improvements.
  • Detailed report and analysis of their thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Unique career suggestions based on their individual reports.
  • Evaluation & aptitude in a specific field of interest.
  • Exclusive 1-on-1 career counselling from experts in different fields.
  • Complete Guidance till the student gets into the University or the job that best suits them.